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A Deep Dive into Using Path of Building on iOS Devices

A Deep Dive into Using Path of Building on iOS Devices

As technology continues to evolve, more and more apps are being developed to cater for different needs. Among these is a popular build planner for the hit RPG game, "Path of Exile", aptly named Path of Building. Previously only available on desktop platforms, this helpful tool for gamers is now compatible with iOS devices, heralding a shift in efficiency and convenience for POE players.

Navigating Through iPhone Path of Building

In the realm of Path of Exile, one of the primary steps for gamers is planning their character's progression and strategy comprehensively. Most of the time, achieving this on a desktop can be quite challenging due to the complexity of the game’s system. However, the introduction of the iPhone Path of Building app has changed this narrative. This adaptation of the desktop app injects user-friendliness and portability into your gaming process. The iOS version maintains a similar interface to the desktop version, with easy-to-navigate menus, detailed information about your build and, yet, sustain its complexity.

The Compatibility of the App

The Path of Building on iPhone is compatible with the latest iOS software, ensuring most iPhone users can access it. This offers an enticing alternative to desktop-bound gamers, providing them with the option to plan builds while on-the-go or when away from their PCs. The iOS version is designed to work seamlessly with all recent iPhone models, incorporating iOS functionality to optimize the App's usability.

Path of Building on iPads

For those who enjoy working with larger screens, the Path of Building on iPad presents itself as an intriguing choice. Building your character's progression plan on an iPad’s larger screen adds an extra convenience advantage, especially when paired with the device's smooth touch screen performance. The interface of the app remains consistent across different iOS devices, and it’s made with an emphasis on user-friendliness, without compromising on the app's characteristic depth.

The Compatibility of the App on iPads

Like the iPhone version, the app caters to many iPad users as well by providing compatibility with most recent iPad models. The iPad Path of Building app offers an exceptional user experience on both the standard iPad and the iPad Pro. The app runs smoothly with iOS's latest software update, aligning its usability with the incredible display and processing power various iPad models provide.

Features and Functionalities

  • The app offers a comprehensive analysis of DPS,life,mana, and more, ordinally available in desktop version.
  • It provides a friendly and convenient crafting system.
  • It supports all Path of Exile languages.
  • The ability to import/export builds directly from our website or the Path of Exile website.
  • All in-game items are available on the app.


The convenience and user-friendliness of mobile apps, especially the Path of Building app on iOS devices, cannot be underestimated. Their contribution to mobile gaming is continually revolutionizing how RPG games are enjoyed, pushing the boundaries and expectations of what’s possible.

03 Mar 2024